Breastfeeding from a bottle

Well, yes.  Breastfeeding my baby from a bottle.  What the … ?

When silly people say stupid things like “Why don’t you breastfeed?”, I wanna smack them around with my baby bottles containing milk, yes, from my breasts.  But I won’t.  Don’t wanna accidentally spill any of the precious milk I have spent hours expressing.  So I will have to smack them around with my words.  Sometimes stupidity from these ignorant people do not deserve a response.  At other times, they need to be told to shut the hell up.

Many women are, what’s known as, exclusive pumpers.  For various reasons, we are not able to feed our babies directly from the boobs.  We have to reconcile with this heartbreak. Not them.  S0 if you are one of these people or know of anyone who is, shut the hell up before asking such a stupid question.

So the next best thing?  Express milk and feed our baby from a bottle.  That’s right.

I express approximately every 3 hours.  However, to be honest I express whenever, however much I can.  Sometimes it’s an hour between pumps, sometimes more than 3 hours if the baby is clingy, sometimes 2 hours, sometimes whatever.

It is recommended that you should pump for at least 15 minutes each season.  With a baby to look after, it can be tricky to most times.  So 5 minutes it is.

I have had at times pump for 5 minutes while the baby is in his bouncer but when he fusses I had to stop.

In the middle of the night, after I fed him, I would go into the living room and pump for 15 minutes then back to bed.  So if he gets up a few times a night, I pump a few times a night.  So there is enough for him in the morning.

Sometimes I get 40mls, sometimes 60ml, other times 100mls. If I leave it for too long because the baby is too clingy, I get about 200mls.

So yes, anytime, any amount.  I just feed my baby, as best as I can.


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