4 am wake up

My gorgeous lil boy has decided in the past few days that 4-4.30am is get up time!

I open my eyes and there they are, those big smiley eyes looking at me like they’re saying “Hi Mommy! Get up! It’s get up time!”.

No bubba, back to sleep please for another couple of hours.

No amount of coaxing, rocking, swaying, feeding, cuddling, patting shooting, you name it, could get him back to sleep.  We both took turns in trying to coax in back to sleep.  I handed him to his daddy and went to the living room to express milk.  When I went back into the bedroom, bubba was still wide awake! It being the weekend, this means daddy’s time with bubba.  It was past 5.30am and nearing 6am so daddy got up with bubba and mama went back to bed to catch a few more zzZZ.

When he first started doing this, I took him out into the living room with me so his daddy could keep on sleeping as he has to work.  Weekend means I get to get the extra sleep which I am thankful for.  As much of an annoyance the sleep deprivation is, waking up to that smiley boy is simply beautiful.  So mama will just need more concealer to cover up her panda eyes.

Oh heck, who needs sleep?


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