“I’m ready to get up mommy!”

It’s 4.30am, my lil boy decided his usual 6.30am get up time is for the weak so he’d like to be entertained from 4.30am instead.

We thought he was maybe hungry, maybe gassy/windy, maybe bad dreams?  No, he just wanted to get up.

After much coaxing, rocking, swaying, cuddling, cycling his legs, rubbing his belly, trying to feed him, the ONLY thing that stops him from being upset is taking him out of the bedroom and into the living room.

While I look at him helplessly, he looks up at me with his big smiley eyes.

I put him in his play gym while I pump, watching him happily play with all the play parts.

Oh, what can I do?  I think I’m gonna try to coax him back to bed once he’s bored with his play gym.

Too early to get up bubba, too early.


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