Immunisation time … say goodbye to sleep

As if the baby is not unsettled enough, he had his jabs today.

Oh jeez … say goodbye to sleep now ok?

My heart broke when he screamed in pain from the two jabs.

He’s been unsettled and incredibly upset all day.  We spent almost the whole day in the car where he dozed in and out of sleep.  Ok shut up if you don’t think this is the ‘right thing to do’.  We do the best we can for the best of the baby.  If he’s happy and able to rest in his car seat, he rests in his car seat.  We drove around town, my partner stayed in the car to look after him, while I ran into the shops to get the essentials.

He hasn’t stopped fussing and at most times screaming in discomfort.  He’d doze off then woke up every now and then and screamed.

He’s generally a happy lil chappy.  Today, not so much.  He’s still smiling and playing at times but it was really trying for him today.

I had to be careful cuddling him so as not to touch the spots where the nurse jabbed him.  I accidentally touched it when I tried to cuddle him in the clinic and boy did he scream!

My poor lil boy.




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