My cat

My cat went for her checkup today.

Her last checkup was great, no issues.  In fact, the vet was very complimentary of her health at her age.  Not this time though.

How quickly old cats’ health can go south.  Her kidneys are starting to deteriorate.  We now have to put her on a diet prescribed by her vet to hopefully extend her kidneys health.  We’re waiting on results of blood tests to know what we’re dealing with.

As in, how much more time we have with her.

My heart is … I can’t really describe to be honest.  I cried when my partner brought her home from the vet and told me the news.  I am still crying.  I don’t know how to prepare for this.  I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I have been so busy with dealing with everything else, I haven’t had the time for her.  I feel sad and I feel extremely guilty.  She’s been sitting with me all night.  All I could do is cry and cuddle her.




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