It’s lunchtime … no no no

There’s no such a time anymore.

When he goes to sleep, I do a pump.  Hands-free bustier is the best thing ever if you’re doing a double pump.   I didn’t have one for a very long time and had to hold both parts as I pump.  I now have some kind of RSI or tendinitis on my right hand.

After I’ve done a session, I’d hang out the washing if I’d put a wash on in the morning.  Or I’d wash and sterilise the bottles.

As he usually sleeps in the living room where it’s warm (we only have one heater), I can’t turn the vacuum cleaner on.  BUT I bought of of those nifty damp and dry mops.  It has an electrostatic pad for picking up dirt, dust and hair.  Great for a quick QUIET clean while he’s sleeping.  The other is a microfibre pad is for mopping. I’d either use it or I have disposable floor wipes for a quick clean.

When we’re all home on the weekend, one of us can look after him in one room, while the other do the vacuuming in the other room.  It’s a coordinated mission.  Haha

So, I’ve been missing lunches.  But I’ve come up with a way so I still eat my lunch and get most things done.  I make a sandwich the night before and pack away in the fridge.  When I sit down to do a pump, I have my lunch at the same time.  Good huh! 🙂

So no more gorging myself with food when my partner gets home from work.


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